Monday, May 12, 2008

Mama's Day Weekend

I got to celebrate my second Mother's Day this year. YAY!! Zach asked me last night if it was wierd being the mother on Mother's Day now and it is but a wonderful wierd! It's just surreal sometimes to think that I actually have a child. Micah is just the most adorably precious little boy ever created and I am convinced that every mother who says that about their child is absolutely RIGHT! It's only the mothers who say they have the sweetest child that are lying, because face it all adorably precious kids are stinkers at one time or another.

We spent last Mother's Day with Zach's mom Linda and his grandmother Mimi as she is called. So we decided to make this Mother's Day our own intimate family gathering and then next year we will probably spend it with my mother and family and then start over. Don't you love how everything is split up once you get married?(sarcasm) It would be nice to spend all holidays with all people but that is pretty much impossible unless you're living on a giant family compound somewhere.

I don't get the traditional sleep late, breakfast in bed on Mother's Day morning because Zach has to leave for church by or before 8:00, but I did get to take a shower without making faces at Micah through the door so that was a definite plus! Zach gave me a really pretty card with a very sweet message and a gift certificate for a spa package at Discover You Day Spa here in Conyers. CAN"T WAIT!! One of my love languages is acts of service and pampering is like the ULTIMATE service! After lunch we went to Stephanie and Justin's for their traditional hot tamale Mother's Day lunch. She's from Louisiana and they do things differently down there!! haha! Just kidding Steph! They were very yummy. Micah took a monster nap at their house and we watched Raiders of the Lost Ark (very mothery) and laid around like slobs.

When Micah woke up we went home, played outside, took a walk and I made dinner while Zach cleaned up for me. My evening plan was to do my nails and watch a girlie movie but the Survivor Finale was on so the nails got done but the girlie movie did not. We were sad Amanda didn't win, but oh well. All in all it was a very relaxing day and it was good to get some quality time with my two guys.

I hope all you other mothers had a wonderful day filled love and relaxation!!!

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  1. hi there!
    thanks for stopping by my blog!
    i've just been reading through yours and your little man is super cute! fun, fun.

    and i hear ya about mothers's definitely a wonderful weird!

    okay, so one of these days your gonna have to post some of these scrapbook pages so i can see them! i love to see when people have been inspired by my work!
    let me know when you do :)
    take care and blessings!