Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yummy toes!

It has been a really great week so far. It started with a great Memorial Day Monday. We went to the Honeycreek pool with Steph and Justin. Micah only lasted there a little over an hour but we were expecting that. Zach, Micah and I played in the pool and we got Micah to "jump" off the side of the pool to Zach. His face was always so adorable when he hit the water. Pure Exhiliration!! Later that afternoon our pastor (Dave), his wife (Magda) and their three awesome kids (Kathryn, Kevin, and Sydney) watched Micah for us while we saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It was awesome! I'm all about some Indiana Jones (and writing this has gotten the theme stuck in my head again...oh well) The Crandalls have watched Micah for us a few times and we can't appreciate it enough. We are so incredibly blessed to have such great friends who love Micah as much as us.

Also this week I had Isabella for our last two days together. It definitely requires your brain to work harder keeping up with two but I loved having the opportunity to do it. She and Micah have had such a blast playing together these past few weeks I don't know what he's going to do without her (probably not get into as much mischief without his partner in crime!) As I have said in earlier posts, Isabella has taught him quite a few skills (good and bad) but he did the same for her. In the car a week or so ago while Leslie was driving Micah and I to a doctors appointment (my keys were in Gainesville with my mother in law after she drove my car and I didn't realize it until 15 minutes before we were supposed to be there!) I noticed Isabella putting her toes in her mouth. I asked Leslie why she was eating her toes and Leslie said she had no idea she just started that recently. Light bulb!!! My dear, sweet, weird boy used to do that but I hadn't seen him do it in awhile. Apparently he still was because he had taught Isabella that fine skill!

So anyway back to the point, this was our last week with Isabella so I was trying to get some cute pictures of the two of them together. I don't know if you would call these next pictures cute but it will give you an insight into the goofiness of these two when they get together!

Isabella showing off her toe eating ability

Micah trying to reach his toes but can't because he's standing up and because he's laughing like a loon at her


  1. I just found your blog. Mark said he saw y'all the other week ago and I am sorry I missed it. We have a blog also that you can like to through my name. So cool that I found you!

  2. sarah this is tim.. and i used to chew on my toes all the time probably until high school so you can blame me