Tuesday, June 3, 2008

you're it!

I feel like an official blogger now that I've been tagged by Steph. My instructions are to share five unimportant things about myself. Weird topic but it will challenge my brain so here we go.

1) I only lived in my Florida birthplace for a total of 4 weeks and then was moved to Alabama. I blame this move for the fact that I do not have a tan. Surely if I had grown up in Florida maybe I would not be as white as I am. Oh well!

2) I am an amazing speller most of the time which is shocking because I was a whole language child and not a phonics child. Most of the teachers who read this will understand but for you others it just means sounding out words was not really taught to me and I never knew (until college) why certain letters made certain sounds when you put them together . However I can never spell the word weird or balloon right the first time it's always wierd and baloon. I have no idea why.

3) I keep a teddy bear that my friend Katie gave me in 2nd grade in the door of my night stand. I bring it out every time I am alone or can't sleep. I slept with it up until I got married but Zach said it would be weird (had to fix this because I spelled it wrong) to be laying next to him while holding on to a bear. I think he was just jealous!

4) I can not whistle nor can I make that rrrrr noise with my tongue. It's very sad:(

5) I don't like to wear shoes. I love to buy shoes because they are super cute and society makes you wear them to certain places, but having my choice I'd walk around barefooted all the time. I'm pretty sure I get this from my mother which scares me. (which you would understand if you knew her feet!)

I hope this thrilled you beyond belief! I am now tagging Rachel and Chas and anyone who would like to leave me a comment sharing 5 unimportant things about themselves go ahead because I'd love to read them!!


  1. yes, I'm secretly jealous of the Bear. He is a little more squishy and furry than me (not by much!)

  2. Thanks my dear friend Sarah for "tagging" me! Now I have to rack my brain to think of useless facts about myself....It may be awhile before I publish this blog...haha!