Thursday, June 26, 2008

living with blue bear

Micah has many friends in his life but the one that is placed above all others on his list is blue bear. Blue bear is his buddy and don't try to make him your buddy because there will be none of it. Micah has slept with blue bear since our friend Magda gave him to him as a newborn. (Which reminds me...Magda where did you get that because we need to have a spare just in case!)

Last week he became super attached to him while Zach and I were away so I am suffering the consequences this week. Blue bear has accompanied us almost everywhere, however he stays in the car when we go in stores, church, the park, etc. I can see how easy it is for parents to let their kids cart around old (and sometimes dirty) objects because (1) it's much less drama and (2) it's so darn sweet and cute at the beginning. It's not until the so called object has been dragged everywhere and looks like a walking germ that you start to think maybe we should have some separation!

Here are some pictures of Micah and blue bear's friendship thus far!


  1. that first picture with him snuggling blue bear is absolutely precious!

  2. Braden has the same love affair with his beloved Bedtime Bear. However, he does take it everywhere and yes it is really nasty. And it has been washed so many times that it starting to fall apart!