Wednesday, June 4, 2008

man noises

All those thoughts that entered your head when you read that title are oh so very true! I don't know how many of you know about or watch Jon and Kate + 8, but I am slightly obsessed. A couple weeks ago Kate was referring to the actions of her little boys when she said, "I am convinced boys are men just as soon as they are born!" I can soooo attest to that! There is such a huge difference between boys and girls, it makes me want to shake those nurture people who think you shouldn't give children gender specific toys. Perfect example, Sunday night Micah and Isabella were playing with her dolls and Micah was eating the dolls fingers and laughing hysterically! Gotta love it!

In her comment Kate was talking about the yucky noises and actions boys/men do constantly and think are fun. I got first hand experience yesterday when my wonderful son Micah learned how to make farting noises by putting his mouth on our leather chair and blowing. After the chair he figured out he could do it with his arm. I guess I just assumed they learn this type of behavior from "those other people's kids" in school, but OH NO! I guess I am now "those other people!"

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  1. Micah is so cute! We need to set up a play date where Micah can teach Braden his flatulating (sp?) sounds!

    I share your obsession with John & Kate! Last night I actually had a dream about parents with twins and sextuplets! I watch way too much TV!