Friday, June 6, 2008

4 years

Yesterday Zach and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary. I know everyone says it goes by fast, but seriously IT GOES BY FAST! Zach loves surprising me with where he is going to take me and I love being surprised (especially if I know I'm going to be surprised but don't know what it will be!) I figured before telling you where we went last night I'd give you an update on how we have spent our first few anniversaries.

1st Year 'the big one'- April of 2005 we went to Paris, yes PARIS for our anniversary. I know April is not technically our anniversary yet, but my partly French husband said all the tourists go in June so we have to go early. I could spend the rest of this post telling you all how amazing that trip was but won't.

2nd Year- For our 2nd anniversary Zach took me to Helen, GA for the weekend. He had fond memories of trips there when he was younger and I had never been. Little did we know it was biker week! OH well. We still had fun looking in all the touristy shops. We also went hiking to some falls and on part of the Appalachian trail and drove on a scenic highway which is one of Zach's favorite things to do. **Did I mention the heart shaped jacuzzi tub in the corner of our room? Classic!3rd year- Our 3rd anniversary was more of a celebration of being able to get out of the house considering that Micah was a mere 3 1/2 months old. We went to a nice dinner and then to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End. You can't be romantic every time!

This year- Last night we went to an amazing Italian restaurant in Buckhead called La Grotta. Delicious! and very swanky! We sat in a side by side booth and actually got to talk. WOW! We spent the whole time talking (and eating of course) and not once (well maybe once) did we talk about Micah. It was so very relaxing and special. Of course there were some humorous things about the evening too.
1) The host who sat us had an Italian accent when we got to the restaurant, but by the time we left he had lost it and was talking like a normal 20 something guy who just wanted to go to a bar after work. haha!
2) Robert DeNiro (think Meet the Parents) was our waiter. Carbon Copy I swear!
3) Same waiter asked Zach if he was old enough to drink and was then shocked to hear it was our 4th anniversary. I'm not sure if we should have been flattered or offended.
4) At the table directly in front of us sat two very wealthy women, one of which had been there frequently and wanted to make sure we all knew that. The owner of the restaurant visited their table every 10 minutes or so and the only things they talked about were his house in Fort Myers Beach and golf.
5) The water refiller was obsessed with his job! Our glasses never reached an inch past the rim. I had to get up to use the restroom 3 times which wasn't easy since you had to move the table out of the way to get up!

After our long, leisurely dinner, dessert, and (free)champagne we drove around Buckhead and then Downtown Atlanta and looked at big houses and tall buildings. It was just plain fun.

I love you baby!! Thanks for a great evening out!


  1. I love the picture of you in the heart shaped tub! Rather than classic, I say classy! Congratulations on 4 years!

  2. It sounds like ya'll had a great time. Good job Zach!! Happy 4th. It sure does fly.

  3. Y'all are too cute!!! I love the photo of you guys in Paris - how romantic!!!!!!! :)
    I remember eating lunch with you guys after your 1st Sunday @ CCC (O'Charleys, I think) when you were fresh off of your honeymoon. Hard to believe it's been 4 years!
    Cheers & Love!!!