Monday, June 30, 2008

happy happy birthday baby!

Yesterday was Zach's 26th birthday. For the next 4 1/2 months we will actually be the same age! How exciting for me! Having a birthday on a Sunday usually means there will be a lot going on. Zach was at church from 8ish until 3ish because they had a special practice after church was over. He got to come home and relax for about 2 1/2 hours but then it was on to Olive Garden to save a table for all our fabulous friends who were helping us celebrate. Unfortunately it took a little longer than I had thought. By the time we sat down Micah was already ready to go. Not good! I did my level best to keep him semi quiet and appeased but a different part of his personality was still seen by all. I think the Lord was trying to make me swallow some pride!

We made it through a yummy dinner and braved our way through the nasty weather back to our house to have dessert, drinks, and games. Super fun! We played a round of Taboo and then half the group had to head home to get much needed sleep. (thanks for staying up past your bedtimes!) Six of the group stayed (because they didn't need to get up early) and we played Mad Gab. That is not an easy game, but it is very humorous to listen to.

Pictures of our entertaining evening
*Make sure you look at the multitude of confused faces during the games!


  1. Fun times. We enjoyed it and glad we were able to stay up past our bedtimes. Micah was not that bad. I know it seemed so to you but that is because he is yours. He is too cute and had others things on his to do list. Love ya'll- Happy Birthday

  2. So much fun!! I've been playing MadGab in my head all day. =)