Monday, June 23, 2008

M & M: Beach Trip days 4-6

OK so I decided to make this two posts. Now taking a break will be so much easier for you!!! Just make sure you read 1-3 first or you could be totally lost. Well probably not but atleast then you will read more of my blog and make me happy!

Day 4: Seaside! We spent most of the day walking around the cute little town of Seaside. For those who don't know this is where the movie The Truman Show was filmed. There was a lot of new construction which was kind of sad because it took away some of the charm, but it was still pretty cute. We walked in a lot of stores and bought nothing because it is all ridiculously expensive, we checked out the cute beachy houses and imagined what it must be like to have money to buy one, ate lunch at a taco bar, and took tons of pictures. We ended the trip by eating frozen yogurt. Yum-o!
Day 5: The boys woke up around 5am and went fishing. It was the last day of their license. I think they may have caught one thing, but I'm sure they had great bonding time. Steph and I went to the beach for the morning and got some sun. We were trying to save up our energy for the evening. That night we went to Baytowne Wharf. It is the coolest place I have ever been while at the beach and was probably my favorite thing we did all week, but only by a little. I am determined to go there on a family beach vacation because everything you could want or need at the beach is in this one community. We got there about sunset so the view right off the bat was incredible. The shops were awesome, the restaurants were awesome, they had an awesome playground and that night they were showing Wizard of Oz on the lawn. Can you think of a better place to chill with your family!?

After Baytowne Wharf we went to Big Kahuna's in Destin to play putt-putt. I got two holes in one but considering I also got a few bogies it wasn't my best night. Zach won by how much I don't know. His prize was a cherry slushy from Sonic. What a win!

Day 6: Last Beach day! We spent all day at the beach...I seriously mean ALL DAY! We took advantage of every ray the sun let loose! We also flew a kite! It was the easiest kite flying experience of my life because the wind was so strong all you had to do was let it go and off it went. It was Justin's first time ever to fly a kite so that was pretty cool. Our kite's name was Oscar and he was an Osprey. He only got two good flights in though because he was a cheap Osprey!That night we went to dinner at Uncle Ernie's Bayfront Grill. It was so yummy! We sat on the deck right by the water and got to watch dolphin's while we ate. It was a great and relaxing way to end the week.

It's funny how quickly vacations can go. It felt like we had been planning this week for so long and then it just ended. You also get so wrapped up in what your doing while your there that you can't really appreciate it until you get home. That's how I feel about it anyway. I looked back at the week at all the fun times, moody times, semi awkward times, tired times, and straight out fabulous times and have realized that you can never look at one specific incident to decide if something is worthwhile. You absolutely have to look at the whole picture. It's like this in our lives too. There are many times when you are concentrating on one incident in your life and you get so mad, sad or depressed because all you are thinking about is that one thing then, hopefully, you remember that God is Sovereign!! All those small incidents both good and bad make up the life that He has given you. It is not until you concentrate on that whole picture that you can truly praise Him for what He is.

*Amazing what a little trip to the beach can teach you!

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