Friday, June 13, 2008

shoe obsession

Zach and I are going to the beach with Justin and Stephanie next week (yay) while Micah stays with his Mimi and Papa in Enterprise, AL. I have been running around all week getting ready. It's a job to go on vacation!

One thing I had to get before we left were some tennis shoes for Micah. He has a pair of frocs (what I call fake crocs) and another pair of sandals but no tennis shoes. We went to stride rite so I could get him measured correctly and since they had shoes on sale I bought him a pair. I wish wish wish I had a small camera to carry around in my bag at all times because the look on his face when the sales lady put those shoes on him was priceless. He was SO EXCITED! He just stared with this look of awe and kept saying shoos, shoos over and over. It was even cuter we he got down off the bench to practice walking in them. He stomped and kicked and walked all the time looking down to see what those new shoes were doing. I let him wear the new shoes out (mainly because the sandals he had on were a size and a half too small!! I felt so bad for his litle feet). He has been bragging about them ever since!!!

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