Friday, May 12, 2017

easter 2017

Easter morning started with the traditional hunt for their baskets.  They had requested them to be hidden really well so we obliged.  

After church we drove to Matt and Leslie's for our lunch.  I love our traditions with them.  As we each have no family in the area, and it is a little too far to be traveling home on Easter Sunday afternoons if we did go visit, we always lunch and hunt together.  Friends who may as well be family are pretty awesome!

After a yummy lunch and a fun egg hunt for the kiddos we were able to relax and chat a bit before heading home.  This was the first Easter in over a decade that we have not been in church together to celebrate and worship.  It was both parts hard and good.  Hard for your heart as it misses those near and dear, good as you see God's hand as he has directed each family to specific places with specific needs.  

We each continue to trust that His hand is over all of it, as part of the Kingdom we are never truly separated.

easter eggs

There was a time I thought that the older the boys got the less they would be into things like dyeing Easter eggs.  After this year, the opposite seems to be true.  This was the most creative, careful, and fun year dyeing them yet.  They were seriously dedicated to the task and created lots of fun mixed color blocked styles.  So fun! 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

southern belle strawberries

To finish out our Spring Break week we took an afternoon and played at Southern Belle Farm.  Usually we would pick strawberries too but we were crunched on time and mama didn't want to have to process gallons of strawberries when we got home either.  

We love Southern Belle no matter the season, but we definitely love it in the spring time when we can end our trip with homemade strawberry ice cream.  Yummy!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Logan's 1st game ball

Logan was awarded his first game ball at his second game. He was 4-4 and might have line drived it straight into the boys helmet who was playing circle.  He also had a few outs at by throwing it to first.

This baby has spent every Spring of his life at the baseball field watching his brothers and is finally getting the chance to put on his own uniform and take the field.  He is loving every minute of it!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

leaving las vegas

We sneaked in a little extra pool time before flying back to Atlanta and this time Zach was able to join the boys while I packed up all of our stuff.

We were a little nervous about the flight home because Atlanta was experiencing some terrible thunderstorms that whole day and they were forecasted for the evening as well.  While the flight was pretty calm, you could see lightning out of the windows as we were getting close and poor Micah was freaking out because it looked like the pilot was flying straight towards them.  However, our pilot was amazing and flew in and out of the storm clouds and landed us safely in Georgia.  We were quite thankful to be off the plane and even more thankful to be heading home when we entered the airport and saw people upon people upon people as every flight that day had been delayed or canceled.

I love trips but my favorite part is always walking into our home after being away.  I love the coming back to the familiar while dreaming about the away.  Best of both worlds.