Thursday, May 4, 2017

zion national park: day 2

Day 2 started with a drive across Zion National Park.  We took the road through the mountain, literally, and wound up on the other side to do what ended up being the favorite hike of the trip, The Canyon Overlook trail.  This one is a bit precarious at parts because of the ridiculous drop offs in a couple places so I might have reminded everyone ten or a hundred times to be careful and watch where they were going and to not die.  

At the end of this hike is a view of almost all of Zion Park, or at least the parts people can visit.  You can see each of the parks famous peaks from the spot and there are lots of boulders to climb on as well but you have to be super careful and know where you are because there is only one little itty bitty fence and then the rest of the edge is imminent death...death...death...death (Trolls anyone!?)

We spent a long time at the top exploring and picture taking before heading back down.

After driving back through the mountain we went to the park museum and were going to walk one of my favorites, the Parus' Trail.  It is a really easy stroll at the lowest level of the canyon but I love the feeling of being so low and seeing so much height all around.  It holds such comfort and beauty.  However, Logan was melting and Zach ended up taking him back to the car and driving to come pick the other three of us up at the end.

After a little lunch and rest time at the hotel, we walked back into the park to buy souvenirs and hit as many small trails as we could before sunset.  We did Weeping Rock (an ever dripping spot on the mountain), Court of the Patriarchs, and Sinawava, which is a mile long trail along the river that leads to where The Narrows begin.  Then took the shuttle all the way back to the visitors center to get a picture with the sign and then a sunset picture of the canyon before the day was done.

One of my favorite things was Connor asking me to run the mile on the trail back with him at the end of the day.  You don't often get special one on one time on a family vacation but carving out that fun activity with him was sweet.  We were rewarded for our efforts with seeing five mule deer munching their dinner along the trial.  WILDLIFE!!

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