Thursday, May 4, 2017

vegas babies

I made the boys promise me that when they told their teachers about what they did on Spring Break they would tell them about Zion and not just tell them we went to Las Vegas!  Logan, having watched a Looney Tunes movie set in Vegas, started singing Viva Las Vegas as soon as we stepped off the plane and then kept asking where Daffy Duck was...nut!

Zach's conference was at the Mandalay Bay which is across the street from the airport and has a great view of the strip without being in the middle of the chaos which is the Vegas Strip.  This mainly meant there was lots of fun things to see out of the window and not too many things I needed to blindfold my boys for.  The pools at the Mandalay Bay are amazingly fun and warm :)  The boys and I spent 7 straight hours by, in and around the pools while Zach conferenced.  The morning started out chilly but we powered through and it was gorgeous after lunch.  

Micah and Connor's favorite thing was the lazy river and while Logan and I enjoyed it as well, he did not enjoy having to wear his floaties.  By the end of the day we worked out a system where I could see one of the entrances to the Lazy River while being in the regular pool with Logan.  M and C had to come up the stairs and wave at me every third trip around the river so that I knew they were ok.  Yes my mother in law and one friend in particular would have possibly been freaking out that they would be kidnapped BUT they were under strict orders to scream and punch if anyone tried to grab them and there were life guards EVERYWHERE!  It also was not super crowded since it was the middle of the week and the only other people there also had tons of kids so I doubt they would have wanted two more.  

While Vegas is still not my favorite place we sure did find a spot there that made me forget we where we were for awhile.

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