Thursday, May 4, 2017

valley of fire and red rock

The main reason we were able to take our awesome trip to Utah was because Zach was presenting at a conference in Vegas.  After two days in Zion we had to head back to Nevada but were able to squeeze in a trip to Valley of Fire State Park and Red Rock National Conservation Area before having to return our car.

Valley of Fire was really cool and a very climbable area for the boys.  We were here maybe an hour but spent the time well checking out lots of boulders.  The boys and I found one that reminded us of Jango Fett's ship and thus began them renaming all the rock formations to whatever they thought they looked like.  

We rolled into Red Rock just ahead of a huge storm that was coming in, we made it inside the visitor's center right before the bottom dropped out and were able to watch the storm go across the mountains from their observation windows.  It was awesome!

Fortunately, the storm blew out just as quickly as it came in and we were able to do a short hike called the Lost Falls which started Micah and Connor repeatedly saying if they Falls were lost how do they know where to put the trail?  and other such witty dad like jokes.  So clever, those fellas.

After that, Zach, Micah and Connor scurried up a very high and steep mountain side while Logan and I sat midway and waited for them to come down, safely I hoped.  

Our goal for this first trip was to leave them wanting more instead of leaving when everyone was over it.  Mission Accomplished!  So excited for our next adventure!

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