Wednesday, February 29, 2012


We started with this...

1 hour, 1 Logan feeding, and numerous crawlings on the floor looking for miniscule lego pieces that can't be replaced later we got this....

YES!  We (I) did it!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

logan's dedication

Logan was dedicated at my parents' church (my church growing up) by Reverand John Dudley Reese III (a.k.a John D.)  All three boys have been baptized by Zach's dad and dedicated by my childhood pastor.  I know that might seem unorthodox but considering both of these men mean a lot to us, both of our families mean a lot to us and neither one saves them anyway, we just go with it :)  

After the prayer Zach sang the song Jesus, Use Me I'm Yours by Jason Gray.  It's an absolutely beautiful song and my prayer is that each of my children will one day understand it's meaning and desire for their life to be used by our Heavenly Father for the furthering of His Kingdom.

I bend my knee
This song my plea
Jesus, use me, I am yours.
My dreams, my plans
My heart, my hands
Jesus, use me, I am yours.

I am desperately wanting 
To please you 
With all that I am
And I know that you don't need me
But if you want me, I'm yours

My will, my voice
Each word, each choice
Jesus, use me, I am yours.
My blood, my breath,
My life, my death
Jesus, use me, I am yours

I am desperately wanting 
To please you 
With all that I am
And I know that you don't need me
But if you want me, I'm yours

If you would choose to use me my Savior
In spite of my fears and all of my failures
I'm not much to look at
But whatever I am, I'm yours

I am desperately wanting 
To please you 
With all that I am
And I know that you don't need me
But if you want me, I'm yours

...because you want me, I'm yours

I had to include this picture because it pretty much shows what Keelie and Haley did all weekend long.
Love on Logi Bear!

alabama birthday

This past weekend we drove to Alabama for Logan's dedication.  Since we already had this trip planned I told my family not to worry about making the four hour drive for Micah's party because we would see them the next weekend anyway and could have a small birthday thing then.

One of the children my mother keeps during the day is a boy Micah's age.  He and Micah LOVE hanging out and playing and John Parker spent the whole day with us on Saturday.  We went to the park and played and fed the ducks, went back home and grilled hot dogs and ate giant cookies, opened presents and watched part of Star Wars Episode 4.

Micah had a great time planning with his buddy and cousins!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

3 months

Micah's 5th birthday was also Logan's 3 monthday.  Our sweet Logi Bear is getting rounder and rounder :)  The past month he...
* is smiling spontaneously
* gave us his first laugh.  You have to work REALLY hard for them right now though!
* loves his hands!  Seriously.  
* is sleeping really well.  Settles down before 8 or 9 and sleeps for a long time.  The past week it's been until  6-7 the next morning.  Neither of his brothers did this until after 9 months old so I'm in shock about it right now. I realize though that just saying this will probably jinx it all!
* takes 3-4 short naps if he's in his crib or 2 long naps and one short nap if he falls asleep in his carseat.
*  isn't a huge fan of tummy time.  He can lift his head up about 45+ degrees off the floor but will only put up with it all for a few minutes.
*  "talks" a lot.  I don't think it's technically babbling because it's not consonant sounds but it's more than cooing so I don't know what to call it.

birthday party

We had a great time at Micah's birthday party last weekend.  It's his last 'big' party for awhile and he made the most of it.  He had friends from church, friends from school, family and a few of my friends from work whose children were all born around the same time so we've stayed close.  

We had the party at Game Time a.k.a the bouncy place just like last year because I needed easy for me.  It went really smoothly I thought.  I packed pbjs and goldfish for the kids and already had their bags laying out in places along with their cupcakes so the only thing we had to do when we walked in was sing happy birthday and start eating.  We did presents right after but the temptation of the giant slide was just too much for most of them so the audience definitely dwindled after during present time.  Micah received a lot of Mario, Lego and Star Wars gifts along with other cool stuff which just makes me a little sad because they were all such grown up boy gifts!!!  He loved them though.  

Pictures were a little difficult to get this time around because I had to be with Logan the majority of the time and was also trying to talk to each 'group' of people so noone felt left out.  Zach was in charge of Connor and Micah and his buddies ran around non stop.  I honestly saw him go down the slide maybe once because I could never keep track of him!  He's already picked what he wants to do on his 6 birthday.  He's a preplanner just like his mama :)

Thanks everyone who helped celebrate!  It was awesome to see so many people there who loved my big baby boy!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

floating balloons

The boys had been playing with Micah's birthday balloons a lot.  They really liked turning on their bedroom fan and putting the balloon in front to shoot them across the room.  Then one of them knocked the fan over and the figured out an even cooler thing to do!!  I personally had never done this either and we had the best time watching the balloons hover in the air over the fan.  The most we got at one time was 4 and they even kept moving and switching places while up there.  VERY FUN and VERY COOL!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

birthday day

Micah's big day started in our room.  He was so excited the night before that he had trouble sleeping and woke up around 2.  I let him bring his sleeping bag to our floor but after about an hour he decided our ceiling fan looked like a mouse head and it scared him so he got in bed with us.  It has been YEARS since he ever slept in our bed (he's just never been a fan) so it was kind of sweet until I had to get up to feed Logan and came back to him and Zach taking up the whole thing!  After that we played with the balloons we had left all over his floor and then he had a breakfast of brown poptarts and hot tea.  His request.  He's easy to please!

We dropped him off at school and then came back at their lunch time to bring a treat for him and his friends. He is not a fan of icing so he didn't want cupcakes.  He finally decided on popsicles with ice cream inside (creamsicles) and they were a hit.  Plus I didn't have to make them so everybody wins!

He and Connor watched a movie of his choice in our room that afternoon and then played until Zach got home.  He had phone calls from my mom, Bella and William, Uncle Tim and a mega phone call from quite a few members of Zach's family!  Then it was PRESENT TIME!!!  I LOVED his faces as he was opening his presents.  He got a Mario game and a Lego Star Wars game for the Wii and was ECSTATIC!  

After presents we went to dinner at Tokyo (a.k.a rice and soup store) where the three boys demolished some sushi with eel and salmon, soup, fried rice and chicken.  After we got home there was some Mario gaming and then bed time.  I told Micah Happy Birthday one last time before he went to sleep and got a smile for it.  Love that smiley boy!

I did my annual birthday interview with Micah today.  Here are his responses....

favorite food- sushi, rice and soup and chicken
favorite snack- goldfish, cheez its and ritz crackers
favorite color- red
favorite games- Mario and Duck Duck Goose
favorite things to do- make stuff and ride scooter
favorite friends- Kaiden, Cambree, Cole, Bella and Sawyer
favorite movie- Mysterious Island (Land Before Time)
favorite show- Curious George
favorite animal- tiger
When he grows up he wants to be Mario :)