Thursday, February 16, 2012

birthday day

Micah's big day started in our room.  He was so excited the night before that he had trouble sleeping and woke up around 2.  I let him bring his sleeping bag to our floor but after about an hour he decided our ceiling fan looked like a mouse head and it scared him so he got in bed with us.  It has been YEARS since he ever slept in our bed (he's just never been a fan) so it was kind of sweet until I had to get up to feed Logan and came back to him and Zach taking up the whole thing!  After that we played with the balloons we had left all over his floor and then he had a breakfast of brown poptarts and hot tea.  His request.  He's easy to please!

We dropped him off at school and then came back at their lunch time to bring a treat for him and his friends. He is not a fan of icing so he didn't want cupcakes.  He finally decided on popsicles with ice cream inside (creamsicles) and they were a hit.  Plus I didn't have to make them so everybody wins!

He and Connor watched a movie of his choice in our room that afternoon and then played until Zach got home.  He had phone calls from my mom, Bella and William, Uncle Tim and a mega phone call from quite a few members of Zach's family!  Then it was PRESENT TIME!!!  I LOVED his faces as he was opening his presents.  He got a Mario game and a Lego Star Wars game for the Wii and was ECSTATIC!  

After presents we went to dinner at Tokyo (a.k.a rice and soup store) where the three boys demolished some sushi with eel and salmon, soup, fried rice and chicken.  After we got home there was some Mario gaming and then bed time.  I told Micah Happy Birthday one last time before he went to sleep and got a smile for it.  Love that smiley boy!

I did my annual birthday interview with Micah today.  Here are his responses....

favorite food- sushi, rice and soup and chicken
favorite snack- goldfish, cheez its and ritz crackers
favorite color- red
favorite games- Mario and Duck Duck Goose
favorite things to do- make stuff and ride scooter
favorite friends- Kaiden, Cambree, Cole, Bella and Sawyer
favorite movie- Mysterious Island (Land Before Time)
favorite show- Curious George
favorite animal- tiger
When he grows up he wants to be Mario :)

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