Thursday, November 29, 2012

2nd annual post Thanksgiving pumpkin smash

We started this new tradition last year when I couldn't figure out what with the pumpkins I used for my fall decorating.  Zach suggesting smashing them with bats so obviously it has to become a yearly ritual.

This year Micah got to smash one for real and was so pumped.  We had one super huge pumpkin that we never got around to carving that was too big to throw up and hit so we just let the boys hit it on the ground.  They had a blast and I loved watching them being so manly ;)

thanksgiving 2012

Fun times were had with the May side of the family for Thanksgiving.  It was a great family gathering complete with bonfires, games, conversations, parks, childrens running everywhere, movies and all other random things that happen that just make you smile because it's family. 

Highlights of the week, besides just actually being all together, was listening to everyone grill Joel about his lovelife and realizing that being the first other girl in the family might have been better than being the last ;)  At least no one grilled me as much :)

If I have to pick a low moment, which I don't but I did a high one so it just makes sense, I'll have to go with an almost never ending game of Settlers of Catan Cities and Knights that became just comical because it seriously never actually ended because we finally just claimed someone the winner and messed the board up so no one could argue about it!  Jess feels me on this one ;)

Not everyone gets to have two families that love them and that they love back.  Very blessed to know these people and have them love me back!

Monday, November 26, 2012

puritan man

All of the Kindergarteners at Micah's school did a Thanksgiving program.  The classes were divided into Puritan men and women, turkeys, and Indian men and women.  Micah was a Puritan Man.  They got to pretend to have a gun and say hunt hunt hunt.  He was excited about it.

They also sang 4 or 5 other fun Thanksgiving songs and did motions.  He spotted us as soon as he got on stage and we waved back and forth a few times.  I was so proud of him and how not too nervous he looked.    They all did such a great job and were all oh so cute!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Logan

The Saturday after Logan's birthday we had a 'small' party for him at home.  It was just for family and family friends but when you deal with our families it's never actually small!

I did a bear theme obviously because of my sweet Logi Bear.  We had teddy bear cupcakes and #1 cupcakes, pbjs cut in bear shapes, chex mix, my favorite apple dip ever, and teddy bear snack mix which consisted of teddy grahams, honeycombs, marshmallows and choc chips.

The plan was pretty simple.  We just hung out outside, ate our yummy snacks, let the kids build a fire and play on the fort.

We came inside to let Logan open his presents.  He received some fun things but definitely preferred eating the paper...per usual!

Next was birthday singing time and watching to see if he would like the cake.  My guess was yes and he didn't disappoint!  It took a few tests but after that he dived in and demolished his cupcake.

After cake all the kids went back outside to play and made up a great game called riding down the slide with Logan.  He thought it was awesome!

So thankful for all the people who have been a part of Logan's first year.  He is a blessed baby boy!