Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Logan

The Saturday after Logan's birthday we had a 'small' party for him at home.  It was just for family and family friends but when you deal with our families it's never actually small!

I did a bear theme obviously because of my sweet Logi Bear.  We had teddy bear cupcakes and #1 cupcakes, pbjs cut in bear shapes, chex mix, my favorite apple dip ever, and teddy bear snack mix which consisted of teddy grahams, honeycombs, marshmallows and choc chips.

The plan was pretty simple.  We just hung out outside, ate our yummy snacks, let the kids build a fire and play on the fort.

We came inside to let Logan open his presents.  He received some fun things but definitely preferred eating the paper...per usual!

Next was birthday singing time and watching to see if he would like the cake.  My guess was yes and he didn't disappoint!  It took a few tests but after that he dived in and demolished his cupcake.

After cake all the kids went back outside to play and made up a great game called riding down the slide with Logan.  He thought it was awesome!

So thankful for all the people who have been a part of Logan's first year.  He is a blessed baby boy!

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