Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I love my lips

For all of you who know the Veggie Tales lip song let it play in your head as you view these pictures of Micah. We were in for it when we named him after my younger brother Tim (Micah Timothy) because he has inherited his and my dad's ability to move their lips in VERY ODD WAYS!

hakuna matata

Last night Zach took me to see Disney's The Lion King at the Atlanta Civic Center for an early Mother's Day present. It was INCREDIBLE!!! The music was of course amazing and the costumes were just downright cool. So inventive!!! We started off the evening by dropping Micah off at Stephanie and Justin's. They are basically one of the only reasons Zach and I get alone time together. Both of our families live a ways away so there's no weekly Friday night drop offs for dates! The Moons love Micah to death and are always willing to hang out with him while Zach and I get to actually see each other! After the drop off we headed downtown to try to get something to eat before the show. I said I didn't want the Varsity because it just didn't seem like a pre-theatre kinda place, but after 40 minutes of the GPS leading us NOWHERE we went to....The Varsity. Oh well, off to the show! Zach had gotten us great seats, they were in front of 4 girls who thought sharing their business to everyone within a 10 row radius was important, but once it started they were quiet so all was well. The show was 3 hours long and I just can't say enough about it. Everything was so neat. Costumes, scenery, music, etc.

It's not every girl who has a husband who would take her to see a Disney musical and definitely not every girl who has a husband who enjoys it as much as she did or more!! I am one blessed little lady!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Birthday Girl

Isabella turned 2 yesterday!! She is the daughter of some of our best friends and is hopefully Micah's future wife. I am watching her during the day for the rest of the school year and her and Micah are having a blast yelling/smiling at each other, chasing each other everywhere, and teaching each other interesting skills. Leslie, her mom, said Isabella loved putting on her high heels and I noticed her walking around in my flip flops the other day so we bought her a dress up shoe set called the "glitter travel set". They were a hit. The party stopped for a few minutes so she can put some on and I'm pretty sure she walks better in heels then I ever have. This morning at church I heard some clip clopping behind me and sure enough there was Isabella with her hot pink high heels on!! HILARIOUS!! and SO CUTE! She is going to bring two pairs to the house tomorrow just in case a fight breaks out. I'm pretty secure in Micah's boyhood, since he is a professional dirt play'er' in'er' so an occasional high heel or two shouldn't hurt him!

Singing Great

Micah moment of the day: So I have reached the point every parent dreams about. My son is now putting himself to bed. OK well not exactly putting himself to bed, but he lets us know when that time has come. Yesterday at his nap time I said, "Micah are you ready for your nap?" and he said, "Nigh Night" and ran down the hall to his room. How cute is that!! So now for every nap and bedtime we just say Micah nigh night and he's ready to roll!

Friday night the worship band at our church, led by my talented husband, did a worship night at Christ Church in Buckhead. They call it Sing Great at 8! We used to have this at least once a semester at RUF in Auburn. It's an hour/hour and a half of straight worship and it never ceases to touch my heart. I rode up with my friend Mary. We call each other our favorite people we never get to talk to. We go to church together, go to bible study together and are both stay at home moms, but we never seem to be able to connect with a lot of fellowship time. As you other stay at home moms know, it never seems easy to see anyone because you get so wrapped up in the tasks at hand. It was a great time riding and talking and she was able to put up with my mediocre driving skills and horrible sense of direction so that was pretty impressive.

Another reason I love Sing Great is because the people there come from very different areas of my life. A lot of our friends from Auburn attend that church so I get to see them, of course my friends from Conyers are there and Zach's family always drives down from Gainesville to come. It sometimes makes it a little complicated to see and talk to everyone, but it's really neat to see all the different groups there together. I find it amazing how the various people and times in your life can intertwine so easily. Another reason to be awed and amazed at our Father!

Friday, April 25, 2008

A growing family

No I am not pregnant for all of you who got WAY too excited about that title!!

When I married Zach I received the privilege of being a big sister to a lot of new people. Zach has 2 younger brothers and 3 younger sisters. They are all wonderfully amazing, talented, and LOUD! But I love them. Katie, the second girl, got engaged last night in Savannah. AWWW! She is marrying a great guy, though technically Zach and I have only seen him twice, named Jered. He is a very talented musician and my husband constantly lusts after his recording equipment. I am so excited for them and pray that God will continue to bless their relationship!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Amazing Examples

Micah moment of the day: This morning when I was boiling water to make sweet tea it started whistling like most teapots do and poor Micah burst into tears. I should have remembered that he has this fear of high pitched noises. One of his little friends, Braden, squeals when he gets excited and it makes Micah cry every time. My poor little low pitched voiced boy!

I am involved in a ladies bible study group at my church. Not all the ladies go to Christ Community but a good majority do. We have been reading What's So Amazing About Grace by Phillip Yancey and to answer the question in his title....EVERYTHING! Every little facet of Grace is mindblowingly amazing! If you have time today or even if you don't I want you to sit down, stand up, or lean on something and concentrate on one act of grace someone has shown you. Think about one time that you didn't deserve any good thought, deed, hug, whatever but you got it anyway. Someone took their time to show you the love you didn't deserve. Got it in your head? Now multiply that by infinity and you have the Grace our heavenly father has shown us!! See MINDBLOWING!

Be that example to the world around God overflows his Grace on you let it overflow on those around you. I promise (in the words of Steph Moon)'ll change your life!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Micah's toy of the day: So today while the plunger did get some love we moved on to a new favorite, my pampered chef quick stir pitcher. Isabella, a adorable little girl I am keeping during the day, found it in the kitchen cabinet and she and Micah dragged it all over the house pushing the top up and down. Very fun apparently. I'm not quite sure why I buy toys but I am proud of their creativity and ingenuity!!

Last night while my husband was at Younglife (which is an AMAZING organization by the way) I recovered my bench. This bench has been in Zach's family for a long time. It used to be in his dad's house growing up and then moved to their lake house where I acquired it when the lake house was sold. When I took the old cover off it had what I hope was red dirt in it. It is now covered with a cute oil cloth I purchased on etsy from the craft-o-rama seller. I think it looks adorable!



Monday, April 21, 2008

Jumping on the blogwagon

So here I am on the "blogwagon" I'm not really sure how long this will last, but I am trying it out for a little bit to see. Basicallly I have blogging friends who have convinced me that it is the thing to do! Since I am a semi new mommy and live away from all my family and a lot of old friends this seemed like a great way to share what is going on in our May Days because having the time to talk to all of them on the phone would require me to do nothing but talk on the phone and like I said I am a semi new mommy with little phone availability time!! (that was a super long sentence...SORRY!)

My plan is to entertain you with random snippets of what happens in my day in hopes to make yours more cheerful! So for today I will let you know that I think my 14 month old, Micah, might have chosen his future profession. He is obsessed with the plunger that sits in our bathroom. I'm not really sure why he thinks this is a super cool toy, but getting it away from him is no easy task because he will chase it down! No matter where i hide it, it is found and is dragged throughout the house. So those of you who visit me I apologize if it is sitting in the living room next to his bean bag or lying in his bedroom next to his bookshelf. He is a dedicated plunger dragger and dedication is to be encouraged!!

**However I do secretly hope that this is just the first in a long line of choices!