Sunday, April 27, 2008

Singing Great

Micah moment of the day: So I have reached the point every parent dreams about. My son is now putting himself to bed. OK well not exactly putting himself to bed, but he lets us know when that time has come. Yesterday at his nap time I said, "Micah are you ready for your nap?" and he said, "Nigh Night" and ran down the hall to his room. How cute is that!! So now for every nap and bedtime we just say Micah nigh night and he's ready to roll!

Friday night the worship band at our church, led by my talented husband, did a worship night at Christ Church in Buckhead. They call it Sing Great at 8! We used to have this at least once a semester at RUF in Auburn. It's an hour/hour and a half of straight worship and it never ceases to touch my heart. I rode up with my friend Mary. We call each other our favorite people we never get to talk to. We go to church together, go to bible study together and are both stay at home moms, but we never seem to be able to connect with a lot of fellowship time. As you other stay at home moms know, it never seems easy to see anyone because you get so wrapped up in the tasks at hand. It was a great time riding and talking and she was able to put up with my mediocre driving skills and horrible sense of direction so that was pretty impressive.

Another reason I love Sing Great is because the people there come from very different areas of my life. A lot of our friends from Auburn attend that church so I get to see them, of course my friends from Conyers are there and Zach's family always drives down from Gainesville to come. It sometimes makes it a little complicated to see and talk to everyone, but it's really neat to see all the different groups there together. I find it amazing how the various people and times in your life can intertwine so easily. Another reason to be awed and amazed at our Father!

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  1. Hey!! I had the best time with you - - so, so, so glad we pulled off our trip to Atlanta for 'Sing Great'!!! Thanks for inviting me to go and mostly for being my friend.
    Love you, Doll!!!