Monday, April 21, 2008

Jumping on the blogwagon

So here I am on the "blogwagon" I'm not really sure how long this will last, but I am trying it out for a little bit to see. Basicallly I have blogging friends who have convinced me that it is the thing to do! Since I am a semi new mommy and live away from all my family and a lot of old friends this seemed like a great way to share what is going on in our May Days because having the time to talk to all of them on the phone would require me to do nothing but talk on the phone and like I said I am a semi new mommy with little phone availability time!! (that was a super long sentence...SORRY!)

My plan is to entertain you with random snippets of what happens in my day in hopes to make yours more cheerful! So for today I will let you know that I think my 14 month old, Micah, might have chosen his future profession. He is obsessed with the plunger that sits in our bathroom. I'm not really sure why he thinks this is a super cool toy, but getting it away from him is no easy task because he will chase it down! No matter where i hide it, it is found and is dragged throughout the house. So those of you who visit me I apologize if it is sitting in the living room next to his bean bag or lying in his bedroom next to his bookshelf. He is a dedicated plunger dragger and dedication is to be encouraged!!

**However I do secretly hope that this is just the first in a long line of choices!


  1. Welcome aboard - it really is a great way to journal all of these adventures we have as Mommies of little ones. If you're like me, you actually "write down" very little.
    I'm so glad to read about you and Micah (and Zach) and all of the mischief you make - thanks for creating joy for us!! Love the plunger story!!!!! ;)

  2. I thot plungers were cool as a kid...always wanted one just to have as a toy...although my mom wouldn't let me...

  3. I love the blog. My friends all have them as well. Micah is precious!!

  4. not a blogger...but i will be one to read these 'jewels' every now and then...cause you know secretly i want to be a May ;^)