Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Micah's toy of the day: So today while the plunger did get some love we moved on to a new favorite, my pampered chef quick stir pitcher. Isabella, a adorable little girl I am keeping during the day, found it in the kitchen cabinet and she and Micah dragged it all over the house pushing the top up and down. Very fun apparently. I'm not quite sure why I buy toys but I am proud of their creativity and ingenuity!!

Last night while my husband was at Younglife (which is an AMAZING organization by the way) I recovered my bench. This bench has been in Zach's family for a long time. It used to be in his dad's house growing up and then moved to their lake house where I acquired it when the lake house was sold. When I took the old cover off it had what I hope was red dirt in it. It is now covered with a cute oil cloth I purchased on etsy from the craft-o-rama seller. I think it looks adorable!



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  1. Yes - adorable. Can't wait to see it this evening!