Thursday, April 24, 2008

Amazing Examples

Micah moment of the day: This morning when I was boiling water to make sweet tea it started whistling like most teapots do and poor Micah burst into tears. I should have remembered that he has this fear of high pitched noises. One of his little friends, Braden, squeals when he gets excited and it makes Micah cry every time. My poor little low pitched voiced boy!

I am involved in a ladies bible study group at my church. Not all the ladies go to Christ Community but a good majority do. We have been reading What's So Amazing About Grace by Phillip Yancey and to answer the question in his title....EVERYTHING! Every little facet of Grace is mindblowingly amazing! If you have time today or even if you don't I want you to sit down, stand up, or lean on something and concentrate on one act of grace someone has shown you. Think about one time that you didn't deserve any good thought, deed, hug, whatever but you got it anyway. Someone took their time to show you the love you didn't deserve. Got it in your head? Now multiply that by infinity and you have the Grace our heavenly father has shown us!! See MINDBLOWING!

Be that example to the world around God overflows his Grace on you let it overflow on those around you. I promise (in the words of Steph Moon)'ll change your life!

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  1. hey!!! love your grace post - i got chills reading it. we are so blessed to be so loved and i'm really blessed to have a great friend in you!
    i had so much fun last night - ready for another "sing great" so we can rendezvous again.
    hugs and love,