Sunday, April 27, 2008

Birthday Girl

Isabella turned 2 yesterday!! She is the daughter of some of our best friends and is hopefully Micah's future wife. I am watching her during the day for the rest of the school year and her and Micah are having a blast yelling/smiling at each other, chasing each other everywhere, and teaching each other interesting skills. Leslie, her mom, said Isabella loved putting on her high heels and I noticed her walking around in my flip flops the other day so we bought her a dress up shoe set called the "glitter travel set". They were a hit. The party stopped for a few minutes so she can put some on and I'm pretty sure she walks better in heels then I ever have. This morning at church I heard some clip clopping behind me and sure enough there was Isabella with her hot pink high heels on!! HILARIOUS!! and SO CUTE! She is going to bring two pairs to the house tomorrow just in case a fight breaks out. I'm pretty secure in Micah's boyhood, since he is a professional dirt play'er' in'er' so an occasional high heel or two shouldn't hurt him!

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