Wednesday, April 30, 2008

hakuna matata

Last night Zach took me to see Disney's The Lion King at the Atlanta Civic Center for an early Mother's Day present. It was INCREDIBLE!!! The music was of course amazing and the costumes were just downright cool. So inventive!!! We started off the evening by dropping Micah off at Stephanie and Justin's. They are basically one of the only reasons Zach and I get alone time together. Both of our families live a ways away so there's no weekly Friday night drop offs for dates! The Moons love Micah to death and are always willing to hang out with him while Zach and I get to actually see each other! After the drop off we headed downtown to try to get something to eat before the show. I said I didn't want the Varsity because it just didn't seem like a pre-theatre kinda place, but after 40 minutes of the GPS leading us NOWHERE we went to....The Varsity. Oh well, off to the show! Zach had gotten us great seats, they were in front of 4 girls who thought sharing their business to everyone within a 10 row radius was important, but once it started they were quiet so all was well. The show was 3 hours long and I just can't say enough about it. Everything was so neat. Costumes, scenery, music, etc.

It's not every girl who has a husband who would take her to see a Disney musical and definitely not every girl who has a husband who enjoys it as much as she did or more!! I am one blessed little lady!


  1. yes you are. blessed indeed.=)

  2. Here, here!!!! You guys make a great pair! Love that you saw the Lion King - Zach is too adorable for words.
    Next time Annie is in town - we should go and make a girl's night out of it! That one's my favorite!!!!!!!!! ;D