Tuesday, May 6, 2008

splish splash?

It has been so sunny and beautiful lately I decided it was time for our first swim of the year! Yesterday while Micah and Isabella were napping I scrubbed down the baby pool, filled it with water and toys, and left it in the sun to warm up. After they woke up we had a snack, put on our swimsuits, and lathered on the sunscreen. Both of them were stationed next to the door pleading with their little eyes to LET US OUT! I opened they door, they ran (as well as toddlers run) straight to the pool, and......NOTHING! They looked at me like I was a crazy person. After I put my hand in and splashed and looked at Micah and said "splash splash" he finally put his hand in the water. Isabella ran the other way! After a little more coaxing Micah got in and sat down. About 20 seconds later he got out and discovered the fun part of a pool is getting in and out a hundred times and filling the water with bits of grass from his filthy feet. Isabella finally got in too however she refused to sit down but she did splash with her hands while yelling "spash spash" as loud as she could. I sat posed on the pools edge with my camera hoping to get a picture of both of them but it was not to be. They barely got in at the same time all afternoon, but they did run around the yard together in their swimsuits and sun hats. I was a little surprised about Micah not loving the pool because he consistently SOAKS me when taking a bath, but oh well. It was our first try and there will be many more before the seasons over with.


  1. I love Bella in the first picture -- you would never know she wasn't excited about the pool!

  2. And she's still saying "spash, spash" tonight! :)

    She just got out of the bath and was "spashing" in there, too.

  3. I know exactly what you mean! I have put Raylee in our pool several times already and I wonder if the time to get her ready to go "swimming" is worth it. She stays in for maybe 2 minutes and then climbs in and out the whole time. My idea of sunning while she played in the pool was a joke!