Friday, June 26, 2015

fort yargo state park

We spent the day after the wedding with Zach's Mom's family at Fort Yargo State Park.  This side of the family used to get together for Christmas every other year but now that everyone is grown up and married and starting families of their own that's not really a possibility.  The last two summers we have spent a weekend together at Ridgehaven however due to the wedding this summer we had to settle for just a day.  I love that I married into a family where many of the members have become close friends.  It definitely makes for more fun gatherings.

We spent an hour or so at their "beach" but it was crazy crowded so Zach rented a kayak and we went back to our secluded corner.  He and Tony took turns taking the kids on rides.  I got to get away with Zach for about 5 minutes and it was the most peaceful 5 minutes of the entire weekend.  After the day was over we left Micah and Connor with Zach's parents for their annual Nana camp and Zach and I headed home with Logan for a week of painting, packing and preparing for our move.  It was a busy and crazy week!

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