Wednesday, May 18, 2016

charlie elliot field trip

Last Thursday Micah had a field trip to Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center.  Charlie Elliott is only 20 minutes away so they were able to spend a really long time there.  The first thing his group did was going fishing in the pond.  The bait was 20 year old hot dogs cut into pieces.  It was seriously disgusting and smelled terribly but apparently the fish like it.  

Micah caught his first fish about 2 seconds after putting his hook in the water.  After that there was lots of bait getting stolen but finally he caught one more before our time was up.  

Next they collected net fulls of sand from the edge of the pond and searched through it to find different specimans.  Between the whole class they found some really cool stuff including a huge tadpole, a frog who still had his tadpole tail, and a dragonfly nymph.

After a break for lunch they took everyone in a room to talk about the 6 different venomous snakes found in Georgia and then got to see 3 different nonvenomous snakes.  

We were pretty exhausted after such a long day outside but it was a fun time.  While we were there we found out that they have special kids only ponds on site for fishing.  We will definitely be heading there sometime this summer!

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