Thursday, May 12, 2016


Connor turned 7 on Sunday.  On Mother's Day.  My boys have a knack for stealing my special days, but they're cute so I'll try to forgive them.  

Connor's birthday started with his surprise birthday greeting on our chalk wall and a breakfast burrito breakfast.  However since it was Mother's Day I requested Croissants so we had a Mexican French breakfast twist :)

He opened his presents which consisted of a Capo for his guitar, a stuffed Cheetah that he has since named Cheet or Cheat I'm not sure, and a Rockies hat.  He also asked for a Rockies jersey but it wasn't delived until Tuesday.  I know the Rockies thing seems weird but a couple years ago in his baseball cards he came across a pitcher named Tyler Chatwood.  For whatever reason Connor deemed Tyler his favorite player ever and has been following him ever since.  He was traded to the Rockies so therefore we have a Rockies fan in the house.  It's all quite hilariously cute.

Since our church is meeting in the afternoons right now and because we didn't have small group due to Mother's Day, we had the whole morning to hang out and play.  I planted flowers and the boys played baseball with Zach outside.  

Then off we went to a delicious lunch at Dairy Queen chosen by our birthday boy.  He told me he wanted to pick Captain D's but knows I hate it so he changed his mind.  So considerate that one.  After an afternoon of more boy playing we headed to church and then home to eat dinner and to watch baby Connor videos.  

It was a fun and exhausting weekend celebrating our birthday boy!

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  1. How special! Very kind of him to modify his dinner selection for you. I would have definitely preferred Dairy Queen over Captain D's. Ha ha. I love your chalk board art and I am stealing the idea of watching home movies on birthdays. My kids love seeing pics or videos of themselves as babies and I never thought about making it a birthday tradition though. That's cool.


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