Tuesday, October 25, 2016

poppy's in a play!

Zach's dad got a leading role in War of the World's for their community theater.  The play was adapted from Orson Welles' original radio broadcast in 1939.  We were able to travel to Lafayette for the weekend to visit with family and see his performance.  The weekend was fun and full of play, both on the stage and in the yard!

The kid's had a fantastic time playing together, the adults had a fantastic time visiting together and the parents of all the kids, in other words three of Zach's siblings and their spouses, loved our quadruple date night to the theater.  The show was really good albeit somewhat scary, at least for me!  My father in law was excellent.  I've always been more of a musical lover myself so I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have attended had I not had this reason, but it was a cool experience.  One that we will be repeating during the next performance and possibly around our own area as well.

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