Tuesday, November 15, 2016

the logi bear is 5!

The babiest blond of them all is 5 years old today.  Be still all the hearts!  

This child of mine shakes up life on a daily basis and jumps into everything not only with both feet but his hands, belly, ears and nose!  He is sweet and cuddly, he is wild and crazy, and he is also somewhere in between.  He fills up a room in an instant with his playfulness and voice yet will also sit for hours quietly playing with action figures, blocks, legos and whatever else he can manipulate into the stories constantly going through his head.  He loves attention when he wants attention and hates it when it comes his way without being invited in.  

Logan learns a lot from his brothers which means he can catch a long football pass and a pop fly and even gets hitting and pitching practice when older brother Coach Connor wants to pass along his wisdom.  

He has a soft spot for our sweet kitty Finn, who also has a wild streak, thinks Minions are hilarious, quotes scripture like a game show host, and knows all the words to half the songs in Hamilton.  

I could go on and on and on about the youngest May boy but I'll stop with my favorite thing about him.  He loves well and he loves strong.  That love might come with simultaneous hugs and punches but it will come willingly and never seem to fade.

Happy 5th birthday Logi Bear.  You, my son, make our hearts full.

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