Thursday, July 3, 2014

summer catch ups

There are lots of goings ons here since we got home from vacation.

We took another trip to the zoo.  This time with all three of my boys plus a friend and her two kiddos.

We've been to the library every Wednesday to return/renew/get new books and do whatever kid activity they have going on that day.

Logan is potty training/potty trained.  He might be the easiest of the three which is amazing because the other two were super easy which I know comes across boastful but seriously none of them slept through the night until at least a year old or more so I gotta have something!  He basically just plays all day inside wearing his underwear and takes himself to the potty when he needs to go.  He, unlike the other two, wears a pull up whenever we leave the house because my brain just doesn't have time to think about it but even so he usually tells me when he has to go or is still dry when he comes home.  I'm pretty sure it's just all for the candy.  He gets a piece every time he goes and wiped out Zach's stash of french candy and whoppers in no time flat!

Zach turned 32!

We've had more than a few lazy mornings where we just lay in my bed watching Monkey or Wild Kratts until we're too hungry to stay there any longer.

Lots of pool days with different friends at different pools.  This was a special treat with the Garretts while they were visiting their grandparents last week.

And the most exciting thing is that my youngest brother in law Joel got engaged to his beautiful girl friend and Zach got to be there to take the pictures which also meant I got first peek :)  After next summer the Others will officially be complete!

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