Friday, July 18, 2014

teacher reunion

Way back in the day before I was a mama, I was a teacher.  My three years of teaching were ones that I loved and a big part of that was because I had one of the best teams that has ever existed in teaching history.  4 of the 5 of us were first year teachers and together we grew professionally and emotionally able to rely on each other, give advice, and shake our heads in support. 

Some of my favorite memories of those years are of us sitting on the floor outside my room at the end of second grade hall just after watching the buses drive away for the day talking.  We didn't just talk about school, we talked about life and we listened to each other.  
The year I had Micah and Chas had Braden was the year the saffron sisters disbanded professionally.  I stayed home, Chas moved to EIP, then to PreK and later decided to stay home herself.  Kiley moved to 1st grade and then eventually to Ohio and Krysti went to 5th, Science and then back to 2nd before moving schools.

We got together with our husbands (for Krysti, Chas and I), fiance (for Kiley) and children (for those of us who have them) this past week.  (PS the party that I was a week early for) and had a wonderful time together.  It's nice revisiting a time in your life that you can still look back on now with complete fondness despite any of the frustrations that might have taken place.  For you teacher's out there you know there were PLENTY of frustrations ;) 


I answer the question "Do you think you'll go back to teaching?" quite frequently and my answer is always "I don't know" I love teaching and from a very young age knew that was exactly what I wanted to do but God has opened my eyes to so many things these past 7 years.  While teaching might always be my first love, the fact that my mind can actually fathom me having a different future is not only shocking to my set in my ways ways but also exciting and proof of the Spirit's work inside my life.

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