Tuesday, May 12, 2015

fernbank field trip

Micah has been waiting ALL year to have a field trip.  Second grade is a different world from Kindergarten and First because in both of those grades he had multiple field trips.  This year they only had one but it was a great one!  

I got to go with him to Fernbank Museum of Natural History last week and we had such a fun time.  It's been on our to do list for years but just never made the time to go.  We were only able to stay for a few hours but cant wait to take the rest of the boys for an all day adventure.  Our favorite was the sensory room where you could try a lot of different visual and audio tests and illusions.  

As always, I loved watching Micah with his friends.  This is the third year of elementary school and he has a couple friends that are the same since Kindergarten and others that he has grown closer to this year and it's so fun to see them all grow up. 

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