Wednesday, May 13, 2015

field day


Field Day is pretty much the best day of the year and my boys had been anxiously awaiting it.  Connor was super pumped to finally be participating instead of watching and Micah was ready to compete.

During Field Day there are three different sections.  They are field games, play time with inflatables and other things, and gym games.  Three grades have field day at a time and they alternate between the three stations.  The morning worked well because each of the boys were in the play area while another was doing the games.  During the afternoon Micah was doing the field games while Connor was doing the gym and and I ran back and forth to watch each of them.

In each station they have a few all class games and then the rest are individual or small teams.  Micah did the 100 yard relay, free throw contest, jump rope contest and cup stacking.  Connor did the 100 yard relay, hula hoop contest and cup stacking.  It was a long, hot day but it was oh so fun!

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