Friday, February 27, 2015


Connor loves to make his own stuff.  If there is something he likes or wants but either doesn't have or we won't spend the money on he usually doesn't complain, he just creates his own.  A prime example is the cardboard and paper 3DS he carries around in his back pocket.  He definitely was influenced by his older brother because Micah has always been one to create as well and while there are times we do purchase their greatest wishes it's just as fun or even more so to watch the way they make their own.

Recently Connor decided to make a skateboard.  This idea was influenced by a few things around him.  The first was his buddy William buying a ripstik and the second was of course a curious george episode where george used cars to roll a large piece of wood.  Connor took a board he had decorated and duct taped cars all over the bottom and spent days "skateboarding" around the house.  He even helped Logan make one too.  I am absolutely in love with the imaginations that come out of my boys!

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