Tuesday, February 17, 2015


The May family had their first geocaching experience and the boys are hooked!  I've been reading about it on various blogs for years and always thought it looked fun but never seriously looked into it.  The boys have been digging holes in the yard and burying their own treasure, drawing treasure maps and dreaming about the ultimate search and discovery lately so geocaching popped back into my mind.

For those not familiar with it this is a very basic explanation.  Seeing as how we have only been once we are far from qualified professional cachers :)  To geocache you can download a geo app on your phone that will give you locations of caches in your area.  When you get close the app will have a compass with the number of feet left to go that will bring you within ten to fifteen feet and then you begin your search.  Some of the ones we found had clues to help you find it and they all gave you an idea of the size of the cache.  Once you find it you write your name and the date you found it on the paper inside.  The larger ones have a few prizes inside.  You are supposed to choose one to take with you and leave another in it's place.  The smaller ones have just enough room for a paper to write on.

No you'll never find a wooden box of gold doubloons, but the suspense and search is pretty much a perfect fit for my thrill seeking adventurers and if there's a cheap trinket down there to switch out then that just makes it a little more exciting.  We searched for 6 and found 5 which are pretty good odds.  They have these all over the US so I can see it being a fun travel activity as well as just a good afternoon adventure.

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  1. This is so cool! I have heard so much about it, and even know a few people that have been obsessed with it. I like your simple tutorial, it is the first time I have though "Hey, we could do that!" Sound like fun.