Tuesday, February 10, 2015

5K x 3

This past Saturday I joined Leslie's team from Barksdale Elementary School to run a 5K raising money for one of the local schools, Rockdale Career Academy.  This is the 3rd 5K we've run and we've run everyone of them together.  When you're not a runner and don't really love it a good running partner is essential and I've got the best!  

I hadn't run any "long" distance since developing plantar faciitis the beginning of last summer and Leslie hasn't been running as often either.  However we both do Crossfit and that involves a lot of short runs and high intensity cardio so we were hoping that would help a little.  We always go into these things with very low expectations because we're only doing it for 'fun' and to help out whatever charity/ministry the money is for but I've got to say I'm super proud of us for this one!  

We ran the whole thing for the first time ever, did a 9:45 minute mile and shaved 4 minutes off of our best time.  I'm still a little shocked!  Yay for a successful morning now pass me the advil!

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  1. Woo Hoo! That's awesome. I am not a runner, but some day I would like to do something like this. At least for a season.