Thursday, February 12, 2015

beautiful lengths

I got a haircut on Tuesday but it was more than just a haircut.  It was a culmination of  three years of growing my hair out and over 15 years of the desire to donate my hair.  I vividly remember seeing friends in middle school and high school donating their beautiful locks and desiring to do the same.  However between lack of patience, lack of remembering and sadly lack of security to do such an, in my head warped teen, bold thing the accomplishment didn't happen until age 33.  

The fact that I had grown my hair out so long is a story and struggle all in itself and one that the majority probably don't want to know but if you're ever interested I'll be happy to share.  I'll just say it started as a need and continued until my heart got to the point that it could let go.  Yeah I know that's kind of cryptic so I'll move on.  

Anyway when I reached the point that I could cut off the required 8 inches while still having enough left to still feel like I had hair Grace, my wonderful stylist, and I went for it.  Chop chop baby!  I was really excited to finally get it done and while I am planning to grow it out again I love the cut I have in the mean time and now two long pig tails are making their way to pantene's beautiful lengths project.  Mission Accomplished!

PS Taking selfies is close to impossible!  I seriously spent half an hour holding and angling and taking and deleting and on and on trying to get something not completely embarassing to share with the public.  It is definitely not my talent!

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  1. Bold move. I don't the whole story behind why you hadn't been cutting your hair, but stepping away from that and just trusting God. Wow. That's big. I have donated my hair a couple times as well and my daughter's first hair cut was for locks of love. You look great! Seriously, I love that cut on you!