Friday, February 27, 2015

phone pic friday

There was a chance of snow in mid/north Georgia on Wednesday so to be extra precautionary any school system with a chance of snow cancelled school.  Well it didn't snow it just rained and since freezing rain is not very much fun to play in we were stuck inside all day.  We took advantage of it by building an aluminum can robot that Micah got for his birthday.  We also played a game called Labyrinth.  I purchased it at a consignment sale a couple years ago but we'd never played.  It is SO FUN!  Micah and Connor and I loved it and played for almost two hours while Logan napped.  It is our current favorite!

Connor created animal towers.

The boys' school had a Family Fitness Night with lots of fun exercise activities and some healthy snacks to taste test.  Logan and I could go because he'd been sick for the past few days so Zach got a fun night with his oldest two.  Apparently Connor has a freakish talent for spinning plates.

Thursday night was upward awards.  They each got a duffle bag.

Big Hero 6 came out this week so it was the obvious choice for movie night.  If you havem't seen it, you need to!

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