Friday, December 23, 2016

advent activities days 11-15

Day 11

Downtown Covington presented it's first live nativity.  There were a few kinks.  The minister who was supposed to be doing the reading was at the coffee shop across the street so we got to re sing about three songs while someone ran to get him.  However, it was a sweet night for the boys to experience and there was a petting zoo with sheep, llamas, camels, donkeys, and miniature horses to pet and feed.

On the way back to our house that night we stopped to see the lights on the Old Church and played in them a bit too.  It's very fun to see yourself lit up with green spots!

Day 12

Snowflake making!  They absolutely loved it.  Coffee filters, scissors, and an hour of crafting.  I showed them one and then they went at it, including Logan.  There were some really good snowflakes mixed in and no meltdowns when a couple didn't turn out as planned.

Before we started the activity Logan and Connor were playing "Nathan and Bartholomew" who are characters from our Advent story.  Connor is still in character during craft time.

Day 13

Micah and Connor had their Christmas Piano recital.  They did such a great job!!

Day 14

This day we played one of our favorite Christmas games, The Gingerbread Man game.  We love it!  It is so easy yet so suspenseful and fun.  I have taken this game to play with the boys' classes at school several times and it's always a big hit!

Day 15

I took the boys to shop for Zach for Christmas.  As soon as we stepped in the stores one of them said, "Alright mama let's head to the manly aisles." We spent about an hour walking back and forth to different spots and getting distracted by toys but they each found Zach something they liked.  Thankfully I talked Connor out of the hunting hat/mask/whatever thing that he found!  You're welcome hunny!

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