Thursday, November 6, 2014

mismatched halloween

We had such a fun Halloween evening with the Cardozas!  Pretty much forever we've eaten dinner and gone trick or treating with them sometimes with others mixed in and sometimes alone.  Either way it's always a fun night!  

For the first time ever the May family did not match.  I suggested so many different options but they all got vetoed. I may have teared up a bit before but I got over it.  At first Micah wanted to be a power ranger, Connor wanted to be a Cheetah and Logan wanted to be Jake (from Jake and the Neverland Pirates).  After seeing Micah's power ranger costume Connor changed his mind to power ranger also.  Super MegaForce Power Rangers to be specific.  Who cares that neither child has ever actually watched a whole episode of power rangers.  Apparently as a boy you are ingrained with the knowledge of all things super hero.  I dunno.

Logan's Jake costume never made it to the house after being ordered on ebay and instead of an emergency shopping trip he decided he wanted a shield, helmet and sword so we shopped in our own extensive dress up collection and he made a fierce but adorable knight.  Because I had already planned on being Izzy to match Logan, Zach took over the Jake position and we made a pretty cute couple.  I always thought they was something going on between those two on the show!

The Cardozas for the first time ever DID match.  They looked awesome as Anna, Elsa, Cristof and Olaf!  Such a cute Frozen family!

This was the first year Logan was able to really get into the trick or treating thing and he loved it.  He loved it until we ran into anything remotely scary and then he took off running in the opposite direction or burst into tears.  There's one 'creepy' house in the neighborhood and he was not a fan.  However there were plenty of 'nice' houses as he said and they all even scored extra candy at one house by saying War Eagle!  We had a such a great time.  

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