Friday, November 14, 2014

a little basketball

This year we are branching out to a new sport!  Baseball is my personal love but there is basketball passion on both sides of our family and it felt like time to try it out.  Micah and Connor have been asking to play pretty much every sport there is and as a mama of three boys I have relegated myself to the fact that I will spend a large amount of life on a set of bleachers. 

 However I will not have three boys each playing three plus sports.  Do the math and you get ridiculousness!  When you add in the fact that they ALL will be taking piano at some point and will hopefully branch into musical and artistic things as well the time that would take up just becomes insane.  I realize it will take a lot of trial and error to find the balance between finding talents, encouraging gifts and not getting overwhelmed and overscheduled but I'm so glad I know that ahead of time so that we won't find ourselves in the midst of it all and go crazy, in theory anyway.

As of last night Micah and Connor are basketball players.  We are trying out an Upward league down the road from our house.  Since this is the first year either of them have played we wanted it to be very low key as they try out their untapped skills.  Zach and my brother Tim who just happened to be visiting and just happens to be one of the passionate basketball family members I mentioned took them to the church last night to get fitted for uniforms and go through some drills.  (Bonus they also took Logan and I spent 45 minutes cleaning the kitchen and sitting in peace and quiet.  Score for mama!)

All of them came back very excited and looking pretty darn cute in all the pictures!

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  1. This is the second post in a row that I have read about upwards sports. I am definitely going to look into it. It's hard to determine how much is too much vs not enough with the extra curricular. We just now started getting into all of that and it can be stressful!!! I am sure we'll both find our long term balance :)