Saturday, November 8, 2014

southern belle farm

 Our October was insane.  Like seriously a calendar so jam packed that on October 1st I looked at everything and was already immediately tired and asked for prayer from several people about the ability to get through the month without becoming overwhelmed and with joy and patience intact.  One of the reasons is something I'm trying to sum up the courage to tell you about but as for the rest it was just a busy (but fun) calendar of events.  It's November now and I am thankful that we not only made it through October but came out on the other side better than when it began.  

 I mentioned a couple months ago that we missed out on a lot of our fall traditions last year.  The one I was most sad about missing was our annual visit to Southern Belle Farm for all of their fall activities.  Well we made it there last weekend right before the season ended.  We went on quite possibly the coldest and windiest day possible but we went!  Some good friends, who will hopefully be Logan's future inlaws and aunt, joined us as well.  

We all walked around bundled up for the blustery day.  The adults shivering and the kids running as if it wasn't in the high 40s with a wind chill that made it feel 30.  The good news is cold or not we had a great time with our boys and while we didn't stay as long as we usual do, because we were frigid, I am so glad we were able to get this visit in.  It was definitely good for my heart!

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  1. Whoa! That sky looks amazing and your boys are so adorable. I am glad you got to continue your tradition.