Wednesday, June 27, 2018

fall break: a day in D.C.

Last day of the trip but we couldn't go home without a brief stop in DC.  This is on our plans to visit again for multiple days but until then we did our best to get in as much as we could in 5 short hours.  

National Treasure is one of the boys' favorite movies, Micah especially, so our day was full of movie quotes and "hey do you remember when..." sentences.  It also meant that our day just had to begin at the National Archives for a glimpse at The Declaration of Independence.  I was not prepared for how special that moment would be, staring down at these words penned so long ago.  

Next we took a short cut through the Museum of Natural History on our way to the Washington Monument and then kept walking towards the Lincoln Memorial and I think we saw the World War II monument along the way.  Honestly, the whole day is somewhat of a blur!

After seeing the White House from a distance because it was fenced off really far away and then spotting a statue of Marquis de Lafayette we ubered our exhausted bodies back to our car and drove straight home arriving at 2:30 am.

It took awhile to recover from that trip, we packed in a lot, but it is one we will never ever forget!  We made such great memories, saw so much, and bonded well with our boys who were rockstars everywhere we went.  Zach planned it all and I enjoyed every minute, like seriously, and that is saying something!

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