Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Logan is 6!!

Happy 6th birthday to our baby boy! 

His day started with his favorite breakfast, a sausage, egg, and syrup biscuit.  Then present opening and heading out to school.  His dinner choice was Tokyo so that he could eat white sticky rice and steak.  At dinner we did his annual favorites interview.  Here are his answers...

Color- red and blue
Drink- Shirley Temple
Food- sticky rice and steak
Snack- brownie crackers
Dessert- Ice cream cake
Candy- pez
Restaurant- Tokyo
Show- PJ Masks
Movie- three ninjas
Book- Berenstain Bears, Farmer Boy
Song- I'm Still Standing
Sport- football
Team- bears, Auburn, falcons, Panthers, Patriots, braves
Player- Will Hastings
Friends- Cooper, Beckham, Andrew Payton
Thing to play- playing football with Micah and Connor

To say this boy has personality is an understaement!  We love him and all his beautiful energy, impulse, humor, cuddles, and insanely loud early morning opera singing.  To be loved by him is a gift, and to be able to love him back is a treasure!  

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