Saturday, May 8, 2010


We made it!! Today my 2nd born is the big single digits. 1!!!!!!!!!!! I won't bore you with the whole 'man they sure grow up fast' thing but seriously they grow up fast :) To me Connor seems like a whole different child than he did last month. He has started so many things...

* took his first steps and will always try walking first before he gives up and crawls!!
*will only eat what he can get in his mouth himself. The foods he will eat a lot now are gerber graduates pasta pickups, bananas, peaches, pears, grapes, mandarin oranges, nutri grain bars, noodles of any kind, pork chops, ham, chicken, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, peas, and tons more. He will NOT eat meat, cooked carrots, veggie stix (which he used to LOVE) and anything resembling baby food.
*can say mama, dada, byebye and daisy. I think he tries to say brother also but that's still up for debate.
*just got a new tooth so we're up to 5.
*completely off me and on whole milk from a sippy cup.
*plays really well by himself and with Micah (as long as he doesn't see me and want to be held of course)
*can 'crash' on the beanbag
*can climb on Micah's bed all by himself (dangerous!)
*will jump up and down in his crib
*dances to music
*is getting curly hair like his daddy.
*gets really upset if you try to hold him still for any reason at all.
*went on his first vacation and spent his first night in a hotel.
*went swimming for the first time on that vacation

Connor is truly a precious, happy and smiley little boy and this past year has been such a blessing. Watching him and Micah grow up and aiding them in that process is such a privilege and I could not be happier about being their mama!

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  1. Connor is so sweet! Hope he had a happy birthday :)