Monday, May 17, 2010

groom's cake

My brother in law Andrew got married this past weekend to an awesome girl named Krista. They met their senior year of high school and he has basically been waiting since then to get married! I will post pictures from the wedding soon but I just wanted to give you a sneak peek of the groom's cake (which I made!!)

After two attempts to bake the cake from scratch (I think I had a bad ingredient in there somewhere) I gave up and let Mr. Duncan Hines save the day. We transported the layers, icing ingredients, two mixers, and all other tools to Gainesville and I slaved away in the fellowship hall kitchen icing and icing and icing while Krista's family and friends were getting the decorations, flowers, and food done. I have to say I got more than a few confused looks about who was this random girl and more than a few questions about why was she making a cake in the kitchen. Eventually I think each person came and looked and asked. They were all super sweet and very complimentary which I needed because I was definitely winging the whole thing on the spot.

By the end I was tired of looking at chocolate, my hands were dyed red, and my Auburn spirit was getting mad but the cake turned out great and I was told it was yummy so yay for another successful cake!

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  1. Yay for cake making! Your cake looks great and very yummy! I made a wedding cake this weekend too. My friend Megan got married in Folly Beach, SC. We had strawberry cake covered in white fondant rose petals and Gabe wanted chocolate bread pudding with a bourbon, pecan caramel sauce as the groom's cake.