Friday, March 23, 2012

the ol' ballgame

Micah had his first game last Saturday.  He was beyond excited to get his uniform on and have his first 'real' game.  I lost count of all the times I looked at him and almost teared up because of the cuteness of the moment.  Thankfully I kept it together.  I'm sure Micah wouldn't have minded now but ten years from now if I'm still telling him how cute he looks in his uniform he might get offended!

I guess I should share that his team lost.  His team is full of very spirited players but I'm pretty sure only two of them have every played before!  I honestly could care less if they win or lose as long as he is having a good time and learning how to play the game well and with good sportsmanship and so far so good :)  So far he hasn't minded either.  He just asks us after a game if he 'got set' well or had a good swing.  

I learned a couple things since starting this new 'sports' mom gig that I thought I'd share...
* having other people cheer against your baby is not the greatest
* sunscreen is an absolute must 
* if you think you've packed enough snacks for Connor to last through a whole game you haven't
* your heart will absolutely BURST with pride when you see your son get his first hit and you will     immediately have his life flash before your eyes as you wonder how on earth did he get old enough to be so big!

I'm sure many more things will pop up as the season progresses.  As of now I am just enjoying the moments and the newness of this experience :)

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