Monday, March 2, 2009

snow day

I'm pretty sure every blogger I know has done a snow post, but who can blame us? It's not every day we Southerners see a good snow storm!

Sunday during church the snow started falling. The kids were VERY excited. I'm not sure how much attention they actually paid to their lesson. The adults weren't much better! The snow didn't start sticking until early afternoon but once it started it didn't seem to stop. I'm not sure how many inches we actually got but it was more than I have seen in a long long time!

We took Micah out after his nap to play in the snow and he loved it (for about 15 or 20 minutes!) He kept looking at everything saying Wow! Look at the slide....Wow! Look at the table...Wow! Look at the grass. He also got excited every time one of us took a step and left a footprint on the ground. We made snowballs, made a great snowman that fell down after about 5 minutes, and Micah and Zach slid down the hill on a piece of cardboard twice. After awhile his poor little face was red and his nose was running everywhere so we went inside for some hot chocolate!

I love looking at snow. It seems so peaceful and cleansing. However, I am perfectly happy to only see it once or twice a year :)

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  1. Love the Georgia Snow! Where are the pics of the snowman? :) Micah looked like he had a blast. I love his hat and mittens.