Sunday, February 22, 2009

arabia mountain

Yesterday was absolutely GORGEOUS outside and we definitely took advantage of it. I was determined to get out yesterday regardless though because I had not left my house since Wednesday and I was going insane! Thankfully it was pretty enough to actually be outside.

Apparently we have lived in Conyers for almost 5 years and not known there was a mountain 5 minutes away. By mountain I mean very large stone hill, but still it felt mountainous. A few minutes from our house is Arabia Mountain. It's a granite rock like Stone Mountain but not nearly as big. We trekked out there yesterday morning to check it out. Very simple, very quiet, very relaxing, very fun! Micah was so super cute climbing the mountain. He kept wanting to jump in all the puddles the rain had left. After the first few times he realized he was getting his pants wet and was not about it! He actually sat down on the rock and said "clean it." He only enjoys getting wet and dirty on his own terms!

After a couple hours of walking, sitting, looking, talking, we headed to the most nonrelaxing place...the mall! We were there just long enough to grab some lunch and check out some maternity clothing stores. I have had a couple wonderful girls let me borrow their clothes, but you can only fit into so much of someone else's things so I'm in desperate need of some warm weather pregger outfits. I didn't buy anything but at least I got to feel nice and girly by window shopping and am ready to roll when I get paid next week!


  1. Those pictures are gorgeous!!! The sky is so blue and Micah is of course precious!
    I recently went biking there with Dana and Steve Martin (not the actual mountain but the trail). I've never been on the "mtn" in my whole life and was born and raised here. You're clearly doing much better than me. ;)
    Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  2. Careful when it warms up! The boys and I use to frequent the trail on mornings in the summer. Last year we saw two different snakes crossing or curled up next to the trail in one day! Of course we have not been back since because I can't get the boys to stay on the paved trail. Go figure! So I have to wait until days when Al could go to kill any potentially harmfully predators!:) I can't wait until they are old enough to ride their bikes on it. We will be making Al pull the new baby on back of his bike then!